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With Naturoids, You Can Have It All! 




With NATUROIDS, You Can Have It All.

In the search for a natural alternative to anabolic steroids, there have been many choices.


With NATUROIDS, you receive the anabolic effect of several of the different ingredients that have been time-tested in the last 2 decades in the most important location – the gym. Each of these highest quality ingredients have been synergistically combined to compliment one another to help you fulfill your bodybuilding, powerlifting and sports training ambitions.


The NATUROIDS formula has been available in various forms for nearly 20 years now. The experience from that time has proven one thing above all else. The customer seeks results at the best possible price. NATUROIDS has always been and will always be available at a price significantly more competitive than its other national brand competitors. The reason for this is simple. We don’t waste our profits (your money by the way) on mega-hyping the brand. The brand has always been best served being recommended by fellow athletes.


Everyone wants to gain size and strength as quickly as possible and if possible, to do so naturally. At the Institute of Professional Athletics, we have observed the available “Steroid-Replacements” and analyzed the data. We could, as most others do, offer these products separately costing hundreds of dollars. But the truth is that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to supplement yourself -- not even close!
With NATUROIDS, you receive the highest grade products at the lowest available price. So you can reach all of your goals -- naturally -- and save your hard-earned money, too! With NATUROIDS, you can have it all!


NATUROIDS contains the following cutting edge ingredients in its state of the art formula:



A natural co-enzyme that enhances both the transport of oxygen as well as the disposal of carbon dioxide. In doing so, it enables your body to perform at accelerated levels. Dibencozide is also one the premier aids in gaining muscle mass, size and strength. Its effects more than equal those of Dianabol, the illegal steroid, without any side effects. Not banned by International Governing Bodies, over 20 world records have been set while using Dibencozide.





A biologically active co-factor in the process of insulin “ escorting” amino acids out of the bloodstream and into the cells where they are assembled into muscle tissue. The anabolic effect is to increase muscle mass and strength and to reduce body fat. University studies indicate an increase in lean muscle mass ( muscle weight gain) of 42%.



FRAC (Ferulic Acid)


This compound, which is derived from the natural plant sterol, FRAC ( also known as ferulic acid), assists the body in maintaining greater workloads. FRAC is the active ingredient in gamma oryzanol (its metabolic precursor) and is acknowledged the world over as a superior gainer’s fuel. It acts as an an anabolic accelerator to keep your gains growing and minimizing the “plateau” effect.





A compound that, when used daily, results in a doubling to tripling of the testosterone levels in the blood. This massive increase changes unused, physiologically inactive steroid molecules into muscle. It also produces an energy-enhancing, biologically active, natural steroid. This emulsified form transports readily to begin the anabolic preparation of your muscle tissue for the workout to come.





Smilax officinalis, native to the tropics of Brazil, began as a pharmaceutical base for the production of certain anabolic steroids. However, without the chemical additives, smilax officinalis is totally non-toxic and its use has no negative side effects. It raises the blood content of testosterone, the male growth hormone. Smilax has proven in studies to be an equivalent to anabolic steroids in gains of lean muscle mass and defined tissue.





Inosine will increase the workout capacity by increasing ATP (Adinostine Triphosphate) production. ATP is the chemical in the body allowing muscles to contract. During strenuous workouts, muscles are unable to replace ATP quickly enough -- causing fatigue. In addition to reducing fatigue, Inosine facilitates oxygen (O2) transport from red blood cells into the cell to boost energy levels.





A critical element to the pre-workout, TMG will provide muscle molecular additives for use before tapping the dietary supply of carbohydrates. Consequently muscles will be able to perform more efficiently and longer. These molecules cannot be stored as fat and therefore aid in carbohydrates from being converted into fat. The results are increased stamina and reduced body fat.





Documented research has indicated that amino acids in varied forms offer several advantages, each of which adds size, strength and speed to muscle tissue growth. The NATUROIDS amino acid complex boosts protein synthesis at very high rates. The pre-digested, free-form and branched-chain amino acids in this compound are the base of any nutritional supplementation. This special formulation matrix also maximizes the synergistic effects with the other active ingredients.





No formula for nutritional supplements would be complete without an optimum level of vitamins and minerals. NATUROIDS offers a complete array of all vitamins and nutritionally valuable minerals.



All of these top supplements are offered with NATUROIDS’ one-of-kind potency in a convenient single dosage tablet!
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