Institute of Professional Athletics (IPA)
With Naturoids, You Can Have It All! 
The Dosage Co-Factor
NATUROIDS is the only product that offers the user a unique Dosage Co-Factor chart to allow them to specify their dosage for their individual needs. This method for dosage allow the athlete to tailor the product's usage to their specific and unique needs, based upon their size, their body fat percentage and their workout plans for that day. Because the product is designed for usage based upon this precision, users are able to take the most accurate amount of the product and heighten their opportunity for speediest results. Everyone wants results as quickly as possible. NATUROIDS offers its customers the absolute best opportunity for this.

What is the Dosage Co-Factor?
In general, take 1-4 NATUROIDS tablets daily 4 to 5 hours prior to workout depending upon intensity of physical activity planned for the day However the Institute of Professional Athletics has developed a more exact calculation method for which a specific dosage is formulated. This method will consider the differences and variances in individual athletes. This method is known as the Dosage Co-Factor.
How do I determine my Dosage Co-Factor?
Follow these simple steps to finding your exact dosage requirement:
Find your weight and the type of workout routine planned for the day in the chart to arrive at your Dosage Co-Factor for the day.
Multiply this co-factor by your body fat percentage, round up, and this should be your optimum NATUROIDS dosage for this day.
EXAMPLE: A 205 lb. athlete with 10% body fat will take 3 tabs on a heavy workout day (co-factor 25 x 10% = 2.5; round up to 3). The same athlete would take 1 tab on an off day (co-factor 7 x 10% = .7, round up to 1)